Drive easy and keep earning with Kera Cabs.

Attach yourself to our app-based transportation service today to receive verified ride requests without the hassle of marketing or networking. Sit back and do what you do best – superb driving. Let us do the hard work of finding customers for you.

How to Earn

Download and
register on application!

The first step to making extra income is to download the Kera Cabs application. Register on the application and fill out the application form. You can submit your supporting documents at the nearest Kera Cabs office.

Go live on the application

To receive your first ride request, press the Go-live button on the application. This will let us know that you are ready to accept ride requests from Kera Cabs customers. Our algorithm will find the ride that is closest to you and pass the request to you.

Accept the ride, follow the map

When you get an incoming request, press the accept button to take the ride. The Kera Cabs application will show you the location of the customer on the map. If required, you can place a call to the customer for additional directions.

Pick up and drop

Pick up the customer and drop them off at the location specified. The customer will either make the payment via the application or pay in cash. Kera Cabs will credit your payment to your account.


Choose when to work

You have complete freedom to choose when you work and on which days you work. You don’t have to explain your presence or absence to anyone. Be your own boss.

Earn at your pace

You can earn part-time or full-time. You can be laid-back or aggressive. The pace at which you earn is entirely your choice.

Verified ride requests

The best part about working with Kera Cabs is the verified ride requests that you get. You don’t have to overwork your brain finding ways to get business. We bring the rides to you.

Money in your account

The money you earn from each ride will be immediately credited to your account. Our services are transparent and your earnings instantly realized.

Driver Safety And Insurance

Share policies enforced by the LLP

Online taxi owners and taxi drivers will be allowed membership in the LLP. All shareholders will get lifetime share dividend from the application. An individual can acquire from one share (at 2000 rupees) to 5 shares (at 10,000 rupees).

Insurance policy

For the sake of your safety and that of the customer, we insist that you have active insurance coverage for your vehicle. You can either opt for full coverage, 3rd party or bumper to bumper. We leave the type of insurance taken entirely to your choice and also the provider of the insurance.

Protection and security of the Drivers

Kera Cabs will provide financial support to cab drivers in the event of an accident or demise. Charity work among members will be actively conducted.

Help Center

Kera Cabs maintain a 24/7 operational call center to meet the needs of our drivers. Drivers may call the Help Center in the event they have a grievance or an emergency.

Anytime, Anywhere

Just pull out that phone and book a cab whenever you like. We don’t say no regardless of whether it is noon or night.

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Call To Book A Ride

Don’t have internet? Can’t book using the app? Don’t worry. Leave that to us. Just call us an make a phone booking. We’ll send a driver your way immediately.